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One cannot say this is where it began, because where it began was before we even knew what was happening. In the picture above you will see faces of either someone who has lost a loved one to dis-ease or has been hit with it themselves. Some have regained their health and some there bodies could not sustain. Both displayed courage and inspired those of us who watched with a feeling of helplessness to press forward as they paved the way. Through these painful times it has set a spark in the hearts of those of us who are still here asking the question “WHY?”

Their courage has become our spark that is now a torch and in great hopes will set a wild fire of wisdom for those who are seeking answers as we are. If you are here reading this, it is our deepest prayer that you find the answers along the way. If you find one thing here that we felt if we would have only known sooner, and it helps or even saves a life, then what we have began has done more than what we hoped for.

May you find restoration and an answer to the prayers and questions that is longing in your heart.

Welcome To A-Song4Wellness

We are a group of people coming from different walks of life inspired by family and loved ones who’s health has been compromised. Our goal is to create a centralized organization that provides a wealth of information and support for those who are searching for a higher quality of life. It is our deepest desire that many are led to our organization in hopes to obtain a higher quality of lifestyle. We have found many studies on natural alternatives that we believe can help to a return to wellness and prevent premature aging. The answers have always been there, but because of the fast paced lives we all lead we tend to take the fast food, low exercise, and give me the quick fix pills to relieve me from my early warning signs that many tend to ignore. We are also a gateway to the many artists, and influential people that have been enlightened, and touched by the many families who have been affected by disease.

Who Is A-Song4Wellness

OUR VISION is to bring Artists and Musicians together from around the world for one common goal: to inspire and empower people with real solutions to wellness and a higher quality of life by providing knowledge, wisdom, resources, support groups, research and a centralized wealth of information for returning to wellness, by combining real nutrition and balanced hydration for the body.

Transform to the Renewing of you mind. Educate and become aware of what is required for the body and mind to sustain life and live a healthy lifestyle.

Meet Our Team

Troy Luccketta
Troy LucckettaPresident
Troy Luccketta’s gift and love for music has launched him towards a path of gratitude for the success and notoriety received in his chosen career of music. Although known as the drummer of the hard rock band Tesla, who achieved popularity beginning in the mid 1980’s, he has also gained much recognition in other facets of the music industry. (CLICK HIS PHOTO TO READ MORE)
Linda Luccketta
Linda LucckettaTreasurer
Linda Luccketta has always had an interest to explore all the facets of life’s challenges including family, career, health and spiritual awareness. She has a deep desire to search out the truth and solutions to today’s complicated lifestyle lived by many. She comes from a challenging childhood herself but feels no disappointment from the experience.
Teresa Luccketta
Teresa LucckettaSecretary
Teresa started her quest for health and nutrition at a very young age. Her grandmother “Betty Rogers” taught her the importance of fruits and vegetables grown in the gardens of her home. Her grandfather “Mack Rogers” and Max Baer (an American boxer of the 1930s (one-time Heavyweight Champion of the World), opened the first gym in Northern California. CLICK ON HER PHOTO FOR MORE…
KB Austin
KB AustinNutrition Consultant
K. B. Austin is passionate about, children, whole health and empowering families in achieving health and wellness. She is currently a Social Entrepreneur, affiliated with and supporting M5M – Mission 5 Million, a global movement launched by a Nutraceutical Research and Development Company to tackle and solve one of the world’s biggest challenges: global malnutrition. (CLICK HER PHOTO TO READ MORE).

Our Happy Support Team