Carbohydrate terms:  Glycemic Index and Low Glycemic Foods

The glycemic index refers to foods according to their potential to raise the body’s blood sugar level. Organic plant based foods are primarily low glycemic and healthy choices.

The health benefits of “good” carbs also have a strong relationship with plant foods full of fiber. These are carbs that get absorbed slowly into the body’s systems, significantly avoiding spikes in blood sugar, and keeping a healthy insulin level of activity.

Healthy  “Carbs” and Fibers

I  Healthy Functional Carbohydrates – *Non GMO

Types of carbohydrates

According to the Mayo Clinic: There are three main types of carbohydrates:


Good Sugar

Plant Sugar is the simplest form of carbohydrates. Sugar occurs naturally in fruits, vegetables. Healthy sugars are called monosaccharides and polysaccharides. They occur naturally in human mothers’ breast milk.


Good Starch

Starch is made of sugar units bonded together. These starch occurs naturally in vegetables, grains, and cooked dry beans and peas…healthy polysaccharides.


Good Fiber

Fiber also is made of sugar units bonded together. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and cooked dry beans and peas are among foods that are naturally rich in fiber.

II. Healthy Functional Fiber:

 According to the Mayo Clinic:

  1. Soluble fibers: dissolve in water – tend to slow the movement of food through the system – allows for extracting nutrients into the blood steam and avoiding spikes in blood sugar levels
  1. Insoluble fibers: do not dissolve in water – mildly promote stool regularity in the large intestines

the skins of some fruits, including kiwifruit  grapes and tomatoes

*Note: GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. Also referred to as GE or Genetically EngineeredToxins (pesticides) are contrived (engineered) into the seed of plants to kill bugs that try to eat them.  Genes from other sources than the plant itself are “sown” into the seed for man-made purposes. The natural gene structure of the seed is altered to become “other than nature intended”. They have never been proven safe and are to be avoided.

Reference: www.nonGMOshoppingguide.com