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The Blood operates like “Delivering the Groceries and Taking Out The Trash “

Water Percentage Breakdown in the Body

Brain – Water 73%
Bones – Water 31%
Heart – Water 73%
Liver – Water 71%
Lungs – Water 83%
Kidneys and Blood – Water 79%
Muscles – Water 79%
Skin – Water 64%

 Drinking water can sharpen your mind

 The benefits that drinking alkaline water can provide for bone health “scroll here”

   A hydrated heart is able to pump blood more easily, “scroll here”

The quality of the water we drink is as important as the quantity of water. First to consider is the purity.  Then there are three other important properties of healthful water:

  1. alkalinity
  2. oxygenation/antioxidant potential
  3. micro-clustering

All features should be considered when obtaining the highest quality level of water.

Proper hydration with the purest water is essential to healthy living.

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Water is involved in every function of the body

It makes up up two-thirds of the human body and essential for life!
  • It transports nutrients and waste;
  • It is necessary for all digestive, absorption, circulatory, and excretory functions; and
  • Is needed for the maintenance of proper body temperature.

How Much Water Does the Body Need to Maintain Health?

dreamstime_xxl_57103026Recommended  eight cups of water a day  to maintain a healthy body.

The Benefits of Water to the Skin

Fantastic Elastic! Glowing Refreshed Look! Youthful Glowing Skin

The True Fountain of Youth “Water”

Water aides in preventing sagging skin that usually follows weight loss. Water plumps the skin and gives it elasticity! Drinking water ensures that nutrients are delivered to cells keeping them hydrated and plump – and plump cells can help your skin look firmer.

Recipe for Detox Water


helps you maintain a flat belly:

2 lemons,

1/2 cucumber

10-12 mint leaves

3 quarts water

Fuse overnight to create a natural detox, helping to flush emirates our of your system.

Adequate Water Helps Flush Out the Waste

The kidneys will not function properly without enough water. So the liver steps in and helps the kidneys out. The liver cannot perform it’s own job metabolizing stored fat into usable energy for the body because it’s preoccupied in assisting the function of the kidneys.

Cellulite Reduction

Water helps flush out toxins that hide in the fat layers beneath the skin and make cellulite lumps even more visible. Hydration also works to plump the skin and make it look less lumpy.
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The Benefits of Water to the Muscles

Promotes proper muscle tone by giving muscles the natural ability to contract and stretch.




Drinking Water To Reduce Fluid Retention

You may be surprised to find not drinking enough water is the main cause.

Water helps your liver convert fat into usable energy. If you do not drink enough, your kidneys are overwhelmed with concentrated fluids (water retention), and they will make your liver do extra work. When you don’t get enough water, your body panics and holds on to it selfishly, as though you’re in a famine. Dehydration slows your metabolism and encourages water retention. By drinking sufficient water regularly you allow your body to release excess water.

Maintain Your Weight by Drinking Water

Water is known for aiding in permanent weight loss. Water suppresses the appetite naturally and helps the body metabolize stored fat and reduce fat deposits.